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If you are looking for reliable, high quality test and engineering services/equipment to ensure your technological position and readiness in the forefront of developments, then benefit from our firm – ETD – the bridge between manufacturing industry and the large capabilities of the Technical Supervisory Association and Test Centres, automotive, aerospace, aircraft and textile industry, amusements parks, medical fields or other accident/damage test areas.


Die Familie der Ballast-Manikins

The family of the ballast manikins

La famille des mannequins d'essai lestés

La famiglia dei test dummies zavorrati

La familia de los maniquís de lastre

The family of the ballast manikins





  Detailed information about H-Point Manikins, in accordance to the E/ECE/324, E/ECE/TRANS/505 standards for testing of vehicle seats, can be found here:
On this site you can can find, in condensed form, a short summary about Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATD´s), commonly known as Crash-Test-Dummies. Further detailed information, movies to download and more input about crash-tests in general, as well as links to firms such as ADAC, DEKRA or Autoliv, you can find here:

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