Bart XL


Bart XL Ballast-Manikin

Bart XL - the "XXL" version of our ballast manikins
As supplied to leading manufacturers and testing industries
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The Bart is a ballast dummy that can the filled with water or other materials (e.g. sand) to simulate different weights of a person in a seat testing situation.

The Bart XL is a further development of the Bart and BigBart. Many of our customers have requested a larger weight load than 80 and 100 kg and due to legal requirements in some countries, we developed the Bart XL with a maximum weight of 113 kg when filled with water. Therefore testing situations with larger and heavier people can now be more realistically simulated.

Great properties of the Bart XL are:
• low net weight
• reusable and multifunctional
• suitable for all standard vehicle seat designs
• moulded seat belt slots provide secure placement of dummy during
• Water fill marks serve as a guide to achieve desired weight
• according to customers' wishes 4 different locations of the filling and
drainage hole are available.
• custom-designed overalls/protective covers available

A Bart XL completely filled with water has a weight of 113 kg.

Testing situations in which the Bart XL can be used are:

In the area of vehicle/aerospace and air craft industry:
safety belt
roll-over bar
tire traction
accident simulation
space capsule

In the Military test field areas:
MOD boat and vehicle tests in England
Explosive destruction tests in GB and USA on cars and trucks

In the area of amusement parks:
roller coaster and other fairground rides
initial ride set-up

left to right: Bart - Bart XL - BigBart

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