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Application ranges of the Bart family

  The Bart family belongs to the ballast manikins that can be filled with water or other mediums (e.g. sand) to simulate different weights and/or masses of one person in a testing situation.

There are various possibilities of testing situations in which the Bart family can be used.

In the area of veh
icle/aerospace and air craft industry:
safety belt
roll-over bar
tire traction
accident simulation
space capsule

In the Military test field areas:
MOD boat and vehicle tests in England
Explosive destruction tests in GB and USA on cars and trucks

In the area of amusement parks:
roller coaster and other fairground rides
initial ride set-up

In medical fields:
Wheelchair and chair lifts
Hospital bed/ mattress endurance tests
Patient transport and lifting tests

Other accident/damage tests:
• Winter sports/skiing accidents
• Pro7 Galileo film case studies: case test extreme water displacement experiment, case of gravity/vulnerability of the people involved
• Crash tests for safety harnesses (wind farm, forestry, electrical utility masts, leisure activities areas in general, etc.)

Further Information can be found directly on the separate StarBart, SmartBart, Bart, BigBart and Bart XL site pages.

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